Australian Road Covers Pty Ltd is a manufacturer of high quality mild steel grates, frames and manhole covers to
AS 3996-2006.

Steel fabrication, structural steel, handrails, chequered plate covers and moulds for concrete products are a few of the other tasks we undertake.

It is the policy of Australian Road Covers Pty Ltd to use the guiding principles of ISO 9002 on which to base our Quality Management System.

Our approach to quality is ‘Make it Right First Time’ to customer satisfaction, this we believe is the key to quality production, cost reduction and productivity.

Staff involvement as well as training and education is of the utmost importance in meeting our goal.

To provide a safe and enjoyable environment for staff and customer alike.

With regular auditing, review and refinement we will be able to improve the quality of our actions, to the satisfaction of our customers and company requirements.

Bob Baldock
Policy Statment
Policy Statement

Classifications for our standard access covers, inspections covers and frames, road grates and frames are as follows:

Products for use on footpaths where it is possible for a vehicle to mount the footway or for light vehicles, such as tractors or livestock to use the pedestrian facility.

Products for use in areas normally reserved for pedestrian and only occasionally open to vehicles for delivery or cleaning purposes or in an emergency.

Products for unrestricted use in the carriage ways of arterial and other roads which may carry fast moving heavy vehicles.

It should also be noted that Australian Road Covers can manufacture access covers and grates and frames to comply with AS3996-2006 and we have had our covers independently tested.
And we have certification to Management AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008

Design Specifications
Design Specifications
Lifting Devices & Seal Breakers

Two types of lifting devices are available - short handle or long handle. In most circumstances it is recommended that a pair of lifters be used making the most stubborn and heavy covers easily removed by one man.

When using pressure type lifters, the bolt with the key head is firstly engaged into the cover and/or grate keyhole, tighten the locking nut on the keybolt, ensuring that it firmly attaches the lifter to the cover or grate.

Then on the pressure short handle lifter, tighten the lifting bolt, which produces a force that breaks the seal between the cover and/or grate and the frame, the cover or grate can be lifted from it's frame, allowing access to the pit.

With the pressure long handle lifter, by continuing to tighten the locking nut on the key bolt, it also breaks the seal between the cover and/or grate and it's frame, allowing the cover to be lifted from it's frame gaining access to the pit.

Prior to replacing covers, the seating surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned of dirt and scale, then these surfaces should be greased to provide a water tight and air tight seal, also allowing easier removal when next required.
Lifting Devices
Methods of Installation

*These notes are only intended to serve as a general introduction to the installation and operation of ARC Covers and Grates.

Access Covers and Grates & Frames should be placed level and inserted in
surrounds before concrete is poured. Use this method for products to be cast into
precast concrete access pits, sumps and the like.  This method is generally used where the opening to be covered is not within a building or concrete paved area.

The second method requires that either a rebate be formed or the pit or trench wall is kept at the level which would otherwise be the bottom of the rebate.  In general this method is preferable for large or heavy lids.  The access cover or frame is set up on formwork so that it may be cast in situ within the surrounding floor or pavement area.

Australian Road Covers recommends that all concrete filled Access Covers be
allowed at least 10 days to cure before use.

Australian Road Covers recommends that any product placed over sewer or acidic applications be galvanized.

Brass trim can be fitted to any size access cover.  Stainless steel trim can also be fitted if required. Prices can be quoted for each application.

Bolt  Down Covers

For applications where there is a requirement for the access cover to be bolted to the frame (such as where the access cover is subject to back pressure, where security is required or in situations subject to very high density traffic) they can be fitted with holding down bolts to suit the requirement of installation.
Methods of Installation
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